Moderne Heiratsschwindler : Wie sich "George" Frau A. näherte

Frau A. begegnete "George David" auf Facebook. Lange sprachen sie im Chat und telefonierten. Als er sie um Geld bat, wurde sie misstrauisch und recherchierte. George David, fand sie heraus, gab es nicht. Frau A. informiert heute bei Veranstaltungen über Romance-Scammer. Sie veröffentlichte auch den Beginn ihres Chats mit "George David":

Am 5. Juli 2012 schrieb "George David" folgende Nachricht auf Facebook:

"Hello... how are you doing sweetie? I hope you are fine. You are looking so beautiful, charming and younger. Any secret?? please, i will to be your good friend,,, I am already kindly disposed towards you. I will try all my best to give the best gift in these friendship forever if am being given the chance.."

Am 18. Juli 2012 schrieb Frau A. zurück:

"Hi George, thank you for you message, I was very pleased. Of course, I am glad at the most when i younger will I have since no recipe - except to be optimistic and to have all-round good mood. I am pleased to be your friend, tell me more from you, please. Where do you live? What are you doing? What are your hobbies? How old are you? Sorry, my English is not so well - I hope you understand what I mean."

Darauf antwortet George am 25. Juli 2012:

"Hi..thanks for adding me is work today...i will be happy to chat with an angel like you if you dont mind...meanhwile you are really beautiful and charming...well let me start this a from Paraguay am 57 years old. I have kids..i live in london..I have an old mother.. i lost my wife 2 years just a simple man looking for love...honest truthful and trustworthy..i love beach best game is club is Dad was a contractor..he worked with Shell and Petronas Oil company before he died. This i can tell you for now. Feel free to ask me any question sweetie..and tell me more about yourself.

Meanwhile your English is very ok..i score you A, hehe"

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