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Sorry, my English is not very good. I am deutsch. But today is special. I have to bite my teeth together und write in a foreign tongue. English is the poplanguage, isn’t it? Tomorrow, in our hometown Berlin, Popkomm will start. The biggest popmarket of our fatherland!

All around Popkomm, furious discussions are going on. Gray-haired German Liedermakers like Udo Lindenberg and Peter Maffay, green-minded politicians like Antje Vollmer and Claudia Roth are saying: „Wir brauchen eine deutsche Quote im Radio. Es wird zu viel auf Englisch gesungen.“ Even der Bundestag will discuss it. Especially Reinhard Mey is very outspoken on this issue: „Die Situation für die deutschen Künstler ist dramatisch. Da wird ein ganzer nationaler Kulturbereich platt gemacht.“ He probably thinks: „In den 60er Jahren haben die Beatles mit ihrem schamlosen englischen Gesang gnadenlos den nationalen Kulturbereich Freddy Quinn platt gemacht. So etwas darf sich auf deutschem Boden nie mehr wiederholen.“ Well, I don’t know. Puhdys, Wir sind Helden, Die fantastischen Vier, Karat, Herbert Grönemeyer, Sportfreunde Stiller, Die Wildecker Herzbuam, Xavier Naidoo, Michelle and many dozens more, old and young, fat and slim, newcomers and established old bones, they are all German stars and earning big money while singing in good ’ole german. They don’t look platt gemacht to me, my friend. If Wildecker Herzbuam are complaining: „Robbie Williams verkauft mehr Platten als wir! Pfui Deibel!“, my answer would be: Appear a little bit more like Robbie Williams. Why don’t you try to be sexy? And you will be more successful, even if you sing in Kirchenlatein.

In fact there is something much more endangered than German music. When – be honest! – did you last see a good, juicy, greyish german Leberwurstbrot? Our Restaurants don’t serve them anymore. Even our Schnellimbisse ignore them. They serve Hamburgers, Soupe à l’oignon, Sushi, Guacamole, all kinds of foreign stuff, but no more Leberwurstbrot. Imagine, German mothers feed their kids with French fries, Döner and Cornflakes! Today you can grow up in this country without having a single Leberwurstbrot in your whole childhood. Your throat will never experience this unique, slippery, mashed, fat and tender Leberwurstfeeling. No wonder that this generation is singing in English. Lieber Bundestag! What we really need, is a Leberwurstbrotquote in our Restaurants. mrt

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