Meine Paralympics Zeitung (3) : "The experience helped me get to where I am today"

Nachwuchs-Journalisten erinnern sich an ihre Zeit bei der Paralympics Zeitung. Diesmal: George Simonds.

George Simonds
George Simonds und Jonas Wengert (im Rollstuhl), Schülerreporter der Paralympics Zeitung, testen die Barrierefreiheit von Bahn, Bus und Strassen im Stadtgebiet von Adler am Schwarzen Meer bei den Sotchi 2014 Paralympics in Russland.
George Simonds und Jonas Wengert (im Rollstuhl), Schülerreporter der Paralympics Zeitung, testen die Barrierefreiheit von Bahn,...Foto: Thilo Rückeis

I joined the Paralympic Post family in 2012 ready for the highly anticipated London 2012 Paralympic Games and was lucky enough to also travel to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Games. Where I was working as a junior reporter – attending events, interviewing minor, and major, names in and around the Paralympic Movement (including athletes, politicians and pretty much anyone else I fancied talking to – one of my most memorable interviews was with a young family) and then of course writing numerous articles for the paper.

It is almost impossible to pick a best moment – as so many unforgettable experiences spring immediately to mind! Particularly memorable ones include being interviewed for an American Radio station, watching the British athlete David Wear win one of his 4 gold medals in a packed Olympic Stadium and working as a Journalist at one of the biggest sporting events in the world alongside some incredible people.

Obviously it is not all fun and games – waking up at 4 am with your head on a Laptop keyboard and 117 pages of ‘rtygrtyg’ in-front of you is a memorable, if confusing experience. But I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough – the experience of meeting publishing deadlines alongside a team of driven, talented young people is one that I will never forget! Not to mention the phenomenal high-level sport you will get to watch from the best seat in the stands!

The only real issue with the whole experience is I can’t do it again!

Far from just being a pleasant memory however the experience has also helped me massively get to where I am today. From helping me get into one of the top universities in the country to helping to give me the confidence and knowledge to help set up a regular sport session for Children with Disabilities in Botswana as part of a 3 month voluntary placement and bearing in mind my future ambitions to remain involved in sport media I am sure it will help me for many years to come!

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