Going Dutch with German WritersFoto: Kai-Uwe Heinrich

Going Dutch with German Writers

Going Dutch: (idiomatic) To pay for one's own food and bills, or split the cost, when eating at a restaurant or going out for entertainment.

The concept is simple enough – Katy Derbyshire goes out drinking with German writers, usually in Berlin. The writer chooses the location, they drink and talk about whatever comes to mind, no notes are taken during the evening, and they split the bill afterwards. A slightly more relaxed approach to the author interview.

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  • 06.05.2014 11:32 UhrGoing Dutch with German Writers (17)Boys at the Bechereck

    A night of pool, mystery schnapps and bluffing about poetry in Neukölln turns out not as daunting as Katy Derbyshire feared. With so many friends in common, how can she and Jan Skudlarek run out of conversation material? mehr

    Still life in the living room.
  • 03.04.2014 12:22 UhrGoing Dutch with German Writers (16)Drinking with Deniz

    Debut novelist Deniz Utlu shows Katy Derbyshire a couple of Schöneberg nightspots over margaritas. The evening features stroboscopes, Kermani, falafel, Camus and the Beastie Boys. No one falls off a bus. mehr

    Bad shave? Doesn't matter, the picture is bad too: Deniz Utlu and Katy Derbyshire.
  • 07.03.2014 14:29 UhrGoing Dutch with German Writers (15)Felicitas Hoppe and the Deutschlandfunk

    Felicitas Hoppe is probably the most famous person Katy Derbyshire has ever had the pleasure to meet - and what a pleasure it was. The Büchner Award-winning writers talks trains, ships and piano lessons over white wine, completely distracting her interviewer from doing a professional job. mehr

    Strange reflexions. Katy Derbyshire and Felicitas Hoppe.
  • 13.01.2014 00:00 UhrGoing Dutch with German Writers (14)Gin, Tonic, Cucumber, Thomas Meinecke

    The DJ, musician and writer Thomas Meinecke is a star in his own right. When Katy Derbyshire goes drinking with him, he wows her with stories of revolutions and meeting the world’s most famous DJ ever. Plus music, literature, censorship and the world’s most delicious drink. mehr

    Remixing languages: Thomas Meinecke and Katy Derbyshire.

The Blogger: Katy Derbyshire

Katy Derbyshire is a London-born translator who moved to Berlin in 1996. She has translated many contemporary German writers, including Felicitas Hoppe, Francis Nenik, Clemens Meyer, Inka Parei, Dorothee Elmiger, Simon Urban, Sibylle Lewitscharoff and Christa Wolf. She likes talking about books.