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Since 2008, Bread & Butter CEO Karl-Heinz Müller keeps his 14oz. store in Mitte

Sofa Surfer.
Sofa Surfer.

In 1999 Karl-Heinz Müller opened his shop 14oz., pronounced fourteen ounce, in Cologne, a multi label store for denim and urban wear. Quickly he became known all over Germany – and outside Europe. Bread & Butter, which had its premiere in Cologne in 2001, was born in a back room of Müller’s Cologne shop after a lot of thinking and planning. 14oz. was closed in Cologne in 2003. After appropriate premises were found, 14oz. re-opened in Berlin in 2008. High-quality and timeless clothes can be purchased at the shop, which is also represented at the tradeshow. Its portfolio’s main focus is on high-quality, long-lasting and authentic brands, which are positioned at the upper end of the casual wear scale. On the second floor, select clients have the opportunity to shop privately with personal service.

Before it became what it is today the shop was an exclusive Italian restaurant and before that a cafe. The entire interior has been created with traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The interior design is very authentic and blends into the historical background of the building. Karl-Heinz Müller loves the style of the Twenties and Thirties, so he installed antique shelves that dated from 1929 and lights and lamps made by art deco and art nouveau designers.

To learn more about the philosophy behind the shop and how business is going while Bread & Butter is on, we’ve interviewed Daniel Werner, 14oz.’s manager (below). We’ve also interviewed some interesting and style-conscious people in and around 14oz., a landmark in the shopping district around Alte Schönhauser Straße.

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