Zeitung Heute : A private view

Visitors at the G-Star show were treated to a close look at the new collection. When once it was all lights and dazzle, it’s now relaxed and understated

Before it all begins, model Merrel Westhoff takes to the small stage at the centre of the tent and gives a short opening speech. The next show isn’t just an ordinary fashion show it’s a private view. Guests should be able to have a detailed look at the collection.

This idea deserves applause, because in the past it was loud music, flashing stroboscopes and models that marched in speedy steps over the catwalk when it came to the Dutch jeans label G-Star shows for Bread & Butter. Its completely different this time. The speakers play the sounds of Nirvanas „Come as you are“ in a quiet jazz bar version. There is no catwalk, only small podiums where the models position themselves, having walked up a few steps. The models walk across the room without any fancy choreography and the audience sits at tables with small umbrella-shaped lamps.

The dominating colours of the first part of the show are green and beige in all shades, for both men and women. The outfits with classic cuts recall a swish British country style. One of the male models wears a thigh-long grey-brown jacket with a v-neck jumper, casual jeans with a dark wash, shirt and bow-tie. The ruby red leather gloves and the long feathers on his dark blue flat cap make sure the look doesnt feel too square.

The second part of the show is dedicated to denim wear. It is questionable whether the ankle-long black quilted skirt is actually fit for everyday use but it does form a strong contrast to the dark blue, skin-tight cut blouse and the high cuban heel pumps. A vibrant blue quilted jacket is an eye-catcher in the mens collection, because the majority comes in muted colours. Men and women wear loosely fitting single pieces. The men combine their jeans as usual with striped and check shirts. Drainpipe jeans seem to have gone now completely for women: the jeans with a wide leg and narrow braces, which the model combines with a fluttering sleeveless top in black, are beautiful. At the end a quiet piano version of The Cures „Just Like Heaven“ drifts through the room. Nana Heymann

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