Zeitung Heute : Against great odds

After winning Gold in Giant Slalom Canada’s Lauren Woolstencroft strikes again in the Downhill race

The Downhill race at Whistler Creekside took Canada''s Golden Girl, Lauren Woolstencroft, by surprise. “I’m super happy. It''s my first actual medal in Downhill“, she said after winning gold. For her third consecutive medal this year, she won by a long stretch of 4.40 seconds to France’s Solene Jambque, the Downhill gold medallist of Torino 2006. Many competitors fell and injured themselves. “I don''t think the course is dangerous. I think we''re ready for challenges“, Woolstencroft said despite the track being bumpy for her. Canada’s Andrea Dziewior crossed the finish line, but due to high speed and rough snows, her sliding stop caused her to crash severely. It took a long time to move her off the course, and Karolina Wisniewska, who was scheduled to compete after her, started her run and was flagged down.

The nerve-wracking delay pushed Karolina Wisniewska’s start time to second last. For Lauren Woolstencroft, who was scheduled to begin the run after her, “I was good to go when I got to go“, but for Karolina Wisniewska, “It’s been a stressful Downhill day.“

When asked about her fifth place result, it was nothing but disappointment. “By the time I got down the bottom on my second run my legs were really tired. I think I was in Silver medal position coming down, I just couldn''t hold it all the way,“ she said. “I’m disappointed because I was expecting to do something today.“

Before winning the Downhill race Lauren Woolstencroft already had won the Slalom and the Giant Slalom. The Giant Slalom is one of Woolstencroft’s favourite disciplines and also one in which she won gold at the 2006 Torino Winter Paralympics.

Although getting used to winning gold medals, Lauren Woolstencroft still considers the Paralympics a once in a lifetime opportunity. „I feel great with how I ski now. I have the potential to medal in every event“, she said confidently. For Woolstencroft, every race is a new race with new competitors. Florence Ng, 17 years

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