Zeitung Heute : Canada is crazy about Curling

"We''ve never won a game against Canada before," said Team Germany''s skip, Jens Jaeger, after he lost his game on March 17th. It was looking good for Germany at the start of the game when they managed to score a point after the first end. However, with all the support of the Canadian fans in the arena cheering Team Canada on, they were able to take two points after the second end to lead 2-1. The most important shot came near the end of the third end when Jaeger tried to draw into the house to limit the chance of Team Canada getting three points. Unfortunately for Germany, Jaeger''s stone accidentally knocked one of Canada''s stones into the house giving Canada four more points. Germany was trailing behind by five points but by the seventh end, the score was 8-5. In the eighth end Germany was only able to score one more point and Canada won the game at 8-6. "It was really hard to read the ice and I think the Canadians did a better job at it, that''s why they won," said Jaeger after the game. The crowd went crazy with excitement as loud cheers rang throughout the arena. "The crowd noise is great, I think it''s tough for other teams that we''re competing against because it''s intimidating if you''re not used to it and not many people have a lot of experience in front of a big crowd," explained Team Canada''s skip.

Jim Armstrong. Angela Yang, 16 years,

Heiko Möckl, 18 years

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