Zeitung Heute : Dead center

Archery star Danielle Browne was always on target for her second Paralympic gold.

From the moment Danielle Browne's first arrow thudded into the centre of the 122cm sized target the crowd sensed it was going to be her day. "I told you she was going to win“, said one little boy to his mother as they left the Royal Artillery Barracks patriotically draped in union jacks. Paralympic archery star Danielle Browne took up the sport in 2007 and was the first ever ParalympicsGB archer to compete and win team gold in the Commonwealth Games. Unlike training for other sports archers don’t have to prepare physically as much as psychologically. Danielle says, learing to cope with the mental pressure “is probably the most important part of it.“ She was very well prepared and looked after by the great support team surrounding the Paralympic archers. At London 2012 the 24-year-old successfully defended her Paralympic gold in front of the cheering home crowd: "It was incredible, really, I had never experienced anything like it! I mean I have shot in front of crowds but mostly they are quite polite. But these guys were shouting their heads off!" GEORGE SIMONDS 16 years

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