EDITORIAL : A day in the life of B & B’s boss

Karl-Heinz Müller
Cumulative denim knowledge.
Cumulative denim knowledge.Foto: ©breadandbutter.com

7:00 am:

The alarm rings. My head is still spinning – I went to bed at 3 am... what a night! Our Grand Opening at the ABSOLUTE Cotton Club was truly fantastic!

8:30 am: Sitting in the cab on the Autobahn to our location. The streets are so crowded with people on their way to Bread & Butter that it takes me half an hour to get from the Autobahn to the Tempelhofer Damm.

9:30 am: I made it just in time to the gallery of the big Tempelhof entrance hall, and together with personalities from Levi’s, Adidas and Mustang, I watch the crowd of trade visitors gathering in the hall.

9:45 am: The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, joins us at the gallery.

10:00 am: Accompanied by the song „The game has changed“ by Daft Punk, the title song from the „Tron Legacy“ film, the doors of Bread & Butter are opened – always an impressive view and a very special moment for me.

10:15 am: Together with Klaus Wowereit, I start the tour around the fairgrounds. First stop: the L.O.C.K. hall. where I show him the stands of some of the exhibiting Heritage brands. Mr. Wowereit was very interested in shoes by Ludwig Reiter and Tricker’s and he tried on hats at the Stetson stand.

11:00 am: We enjoy the G-Star private viewing with Jos van Tilburg, the owner, a very nice and relaxed show!

12:00 noon: We tour the Denim Base, stopping at the stand of Pepe Jeans to talk with Carlos Ortega, owner, at the Tommy Hilfiger destination to meet Daniel Grieder, CEO Europe, and at the Guess stand for a chat with Rino Castiglione, CEO Europe.

12:15 pm: I say goodbye to Klaus Wowereit, convinced that he leaves B & B very impressed and pleased with what we mounted here at the airport – Berlin has once more become the world’s fashion hot spot!

1:00 pm: At the Denim Designer Lunch together with Renzo Rosso from Diesel, François Girbaud, Nigel Cabourn and Jason Denham. As a very special honour, the 76-year old designer legend Elio Fiorucci joins us. He is one of the idols of my youth. I feel very honoured for being able to welcome him at Bread & Butter. He tells me he will spend four days in Berlin, since he loves this city so much – the other designers are no less impressed, especially Renzo Rosso was very glad to see Elio Fiorucci.

3:00 pm: Meeting with the very successful Dutch Sportswear label Gaastra. They are planning to quadruple its stand space for the summer edition of Bread & Butter.

3:30 pm: Together with Mayra Fateh, one of our Product Managers, I visit a number of important exhibitors in the Street Fashion hall, for example Khujo, who also plan to expand their space.

5:00 pm: My family comes to visit me, and we have an early aperitif at the Tommy Hilfiger destination.

7:00 pm: Meet with Renzo Rosso, his son Andrea Rosso and the Diesel management in Renzo Rosso’s secret room at the Diesel stand to discuss the next B & B edition.

7:30 pm: Woolrich cocktail in the L.O.C.K. hall. I met many retailers, who were still sitting in the restaurant there operated by Steffen Schneck’s „Nola’s“.

8:00 pm: I visit the Guess Show in the impressive former power house Kraftwerk, where we also have organised the „Bread & Butter @ Kraftwerk“ event in winter 2007. Later on, I will go to the Mercedes Benz & Vogue Fashion Night at the Borchardt restaurant, and then to the G-Star party at the Asphalt club. Probably will be in bed between 3 or 4 am, with the feeling of having accomplished a successful first day of Bread & Butter – and already looking forward to the second one!

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