Zeitung Heute : For Daniel Werner, it is a „convenient duty“ to be at B & B

High-quality and timeless clothes are on display in the shop.
High-quality and timeless clothes are on display in the shop.

You’ve been the store manager at 14oz. in Berlin since December 2009. What was it exactly about this shop concept that grabbed you?

I am a big denim fan, so it was particularly the wealth of premium denims that attracted me. And to offer those things in such a beautiful listed building, with the number of qualified staff and expertise that we can offer, I think that’s pretty impressive. Good service quality hasn’t been the norm for a long time but is an absolute necessity, especially in the high-price bracket.

Are your clients people from Berlin or are they tourists?

Our neighbours had to get used to us first. We are not really a typical Berlin shop. That is why we had success with people mainly from outside the city. There are even shopping tourists now, who, as they themselves say, come to the city because of us. Slowly, though, even the Berliners are feeling a bit warmer towards us, despite the more expensive range.

What does Fashion Week mean for your shop?

The whole fashion world is in Berlin for Bread & Butter and that’s really good for us, because we are offering some very special collections which you otherwise cannot get in Europe. And of course it’s a lot of fun for us because many fashion experts and connoisseurs who understand our products come round our shop.

Will we see you at Bread & Butter?

Sure, it is a very convenient duty for our company. The day before yesterday I was at the opening and I will spend a whole day at the tradeshow, as usual. In Hangar 7, the L.O.C.K area, there a mostly labels which were also selling in our store. These visits are very important to me too – to catch the mood and to see what the brands are doing and where the new season will be going.

Are there any parties at the top of your list?

I just let it all happen, because usually when there are plans there is always an obstacle to it in the end. There is always some dinner or a party you have to go to after work. My Fashion Week evenings often end up in a cab, when I am going from one appointment to the next. It’s just those two weeks in the year where you hardly sleep, but somehow you manage and it is worth it.

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