Zeitung Heute : HAPPY SOCKS

Mikael Söderlindh, CEO,

and Viktor Tell, Creative Director

Why are you exhibiting at Bread & Butter and what are your expectations for the tradefair?

It’s a brilliant opportunity for us to reach out to global markets. No other place offers a market and a view of the image like Bread & Butter. Wed also like to look after our existing contacts and make new ones. This year in particular we’d like to open up smaller markets for our new collection, because many smaller market representatives are supposed to be here this time. Everyone’s meeting up in Berlin.

How does Bread & Butter influence the success of your brand?

It is very helpful to show Happy Socks and position the range in the right way for retailers. It helps them understand what our brand is all about. They can enter the world of Happy Socks and compare it with others. This has really paid off for us so far.

Great idea, great concept. Where do you get your inspiration from?

The joy and inspiration comes from life and from travelling, from a record, a poster, a movie, a friend...

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