Zeitung Heute : Hello!

It was a great pleasure for us to host the world here in Whistler and Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

We have experienced thrilling competition, fantastic athletes and astonishing performances. We are also very pleased that the media coverage on the games was broader than ever before at Paralympic Winter Games. The Paralympians are role models our society should look up to as they inspire us with their outstanding achievements and performances.

I am delighted that the Paralympic Post/ Paralympics Zeitung reported on the games with such an intensity and with a million of prints in Germany and Vancouver.

The fact that secondary students from Vancouver and Germany wrote the articles in English, French and German language represents the international spirit of the Paralympics. It was an exemplary idea of the German Social Accident Insurance/DGUV to initialize and support the project Paralympic Post/Paralympics Zeitung.

I am certain that the readers of the paper do agree.

Gary Lunn, Minister of State (Sports) in Canada

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