INTERVIEW : Tourism is going to grow even more

Mr Tänzler, how important is fashion week for Berlin's tourism industry?

An extra 200,000 accommodation bookings is significant. This stimulation is especially important during a rather quiet tourist season. January isn’t one of the months that is most in demand. In addition, a tradefair such as Bread & Butter has a long-term effect on the city’s image and therefore on tourism. It’s not about Haute Couture – but when it comes to street wear Berlin is a hotspot. And the location is more than fitting: Tempelhof airport is an absolutely unique thing for foreign visitors and very popular. We always say: If there wasn’t a Bread & Butter, it would have to be invented.

What’s the turnover for the tourism industry during the tradefair?

We’re expecting an additional 100 million Euros per year from „fashion people“. It isn’t only hotels that profit from it immensely but also the restaurants, cab drivers and other transport services, event locations such as the Kulturbrauerei or the old Postfuhramt at Gleisdreieck and the catering companies. And it’s not just Bread & Butter, there’s Fashion Week, Premium and other smaller tradefairs. There’s more going on than you think. And they all need locations and catering.CD

Christian Tänzler

is the spokesman for the tourism

marketing firm Visit Berlin. In 2010 he announced a new record with over

20 million hotel

bookings that year.

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