Zeitung Heute : JOAN ACOCELLA

Holtzbrinck Fellow.

Dance will not be the reason for the New Yorker dance critic's stay in Berlin. Joan Acocella covers a broader spectrum: In 1992 she received a Front-Page Award for her essay about the one-sided contemporary reception of the author Willa Cather, which she later expanded into the book Willa Cather and the Politics of Criticism. Numerous publications followed, often tracing the relations between artistic and public life worlds — as does her latest publication, Twenty-eight Artists and Two Saints, which explores the shared values of exceptional artists. Her current project is tentatively entitled "Crime and Punishment," which focuses on artistic approaches to the so-called "bad guys." Essays about Judas Iscariot and Dracula have already been written. In Berlin, Acocella will devote herself to the TV series The Sopranos.

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