Zeitung Heute : STREET FASHION

This area is for all those exhibitors whose collections aren’t simply influenced by their relationship with streetwear, but also by their strong sensitivity to pop-cultural trends. Graphic design, for example, is a strong influence on many of these brands.

For people who like to belong to a scene but at the same time want to be different, this area is the place to be. It is about combining a uniqueness with day-to-day, fashionable standards.

Lots of colourful street fashion products will be on offer here: flowery panties by Uncover, dandylike men’s fashion by Gnious and Hamaki-Ho, striped shirts for the whole family by Little Marcel, bags by Bjorn Borg Bags, jeans by Khujo and the classic hoodie from Fruit of the Loom.

Hintergründe und Expertisen zu aktuellen Diskussionen: Tagesspiegel Causa, das Debattenmagazin des Tagesspiegels.

Hier geht es zu Tagesspiegel Causa!

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