Zeitung Heute : The lords of denim

On Tuesday the big names of the jeans world met up. Only superstar Adriano Goldschmied could not make it to Berlin

Jakob Wais

The special-interest magazine Sportswear International and Bread & Butter invited to their first Denim Day on Tuesday at the Berlin Ellington Hotel. The only subject of this symposium was the jeans. So it wasn’t at all surprising that almost all visitors wore blue jeans and not suits as is usual for most conferences. „We’re all a big family of denim aficionados“, said Adriano Goldschmied, perhaps the best-known jeans maker in the world, in his message for the conference The secret star of the day had to cancel his attendance at short notice. Bread & Butter CEO Karl-Heinz Müller couldn’t miss this meeting. He looked back on the last 24 events of the „greatest jeans and denim show in the world“. For the future, Müller promised that „Bread & Butter stays in Berlin“.

Social media expert Ruppert Bodmeier advised companies to have a comprehensive internet presence. Right now there are 200 million blogs of which 34 percent are concerned with products. „Communicate and link“, was his advice, the work would then be done by the bloggers. „With us the product is twice as likely to end up in the shopping basket“, said Bodmeier with pride.

Leon Keyworth called himself a „jeans hunter“. The Brit looks for new production technologies and checks, for example, how a pair of jeans can be made while saving water. On his travels he collects examples of jeans from all over the world, and later works on them in his London flat. Lots of his extravagant ideas are taken up by big clients. But a pair he had bought from a pig farmer five years ago was still very smelly. Keyworth brought a small range of odourless trousers with him, especially for the visitors of Berlin Denim Day.Jakob Wais

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