Zeitung Heute : The material that makes history

Twelve pages in a newspaper about a fashion tradefair – isn’t that a bit over the top? It would be if it wasn’t about Bread & Butter. This tradefair is different and it has gained an enormous significance in the industry, for Berlin, and above all internationally.

First, there’s the location: the disused Tempelhof airport, the largest listed building in Europe, a massive myth, unique, timelessly beautiful. Then there’s the size of the tradefair itself. Ten years ago, when it all began, there were only 5,000 visitors. This year it has sent out 90,000 tickets to people all over the world. And finally it’s what Bread & Butter offers that gives it a special edge: they show you what people really wear, whether they’re young or old, rich or poor, big or small.

When Bread & Butter came back to Berlin two years ago, following a successful interval in Barcelona, not everyone welcomed the organisers with open arms. Petty political disputes – a hangover from the bitter debate about the closure of the airport to air traffic – made their move back here more complicated. You don’t hear any of that today. The city is now looking at success story that ignites other ideas and projects, that contributes to the economic stimulation of Berlin and that goes way beyond the airfield. The fact that now whenever you say „Berlin“ it really means something in the international world of fashion is down to Bread & Butter’s appeal.

The city’s official advertising slogan is „Be Berlin“, but it also means „be whoever you want to be“. That’s exactly what Bread & Butter stands for, and that’s why it fits Berlin so well. This winter the tradefair’s show programme is based on the 1920s: gambling, boxing and swing, gangsters, divas and dandies, gigolos and bohemians – it was a big time for Berlin. Bread & Butter asks its vistors to „Be decadent and glamorous!“, if only for a few wild days.

So we’ve put these pages together to give an impression of this tradefair, to tell its story from past to present and to introduce the organisers – and for the international visitors to the city we’ve done them in English.Lorenz Maroldt

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