Zeitung Heute : Tweeting Paralympians

With their rigorous training and Games schedules, it's hard to imagine that the athletes of ParalympicsGB have had time for much else. However, many have spared a few minutes a day updating their fans on the latest happenings through networking sites such as Twitter. Neil Fachie (@neilfachie) shared his happiness with the world after claiming gold at track cycling: "I am completely overwhelmed by all the support," he tweeted. Swimmer Harriet Lee (@xharrietx1991) also took time to thank the hordes of fans: "Just wanted to thank everyone for the amazing support over the last couple of days!!! You are all amazing". After a busy day on the judo mat, Dan Powell (@DanPowell_Judo) gave fans a chuckle with the tweet: "Tell u what, I feel like I've been scrapping with a load of big foreigners today… Oh wait."


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