Zeitung Heute : Welcome to the German Embassy!

High heels were not the best choice for the Tube, but they suited the occassion at the German Embassy on Belgrave square, where the reception to honour the Paralympic Post took place on the 28th of August.

German Ambassador Georg Boomgarden gave the excited students a warm welcome, and praised the project, saying it "symbolized the motto of the Olympics and Paralympics - 'Inspire a generation' - in a unique and creative way."

Managing Editor of the London Evening Standard, Doug Wills, who supports the project editorially was also impressed by the young reporters. Paralympic Post reporter Al Maatin Pereira Dos Santos was one of the lucky ones to have his article published in the newspaper.

A frenzy of excitement broke out when the young journalists saw their articles in print for the first time. Lorenz Maroldt, the editor of the German daily paper Der Tagesspiegel, arrived at the reception with piles of the first edition of the newspaper and thanked the students for their dedication. Gregor Doepke, Head of Corporate Communication of the German Social Accident Insurance, a sponsor of the project was also thanked for his support.

Young journalist Maxie Borchert felt "proud and honoured" when our Editor-in-Chief Karin Preugschat presented the team to the 100 guests at the reception. George Simonds from the Paralympic Post adds he "enjoyed meeting lots of people and the fancy building but was too scared to walk on the carpet or sit down anywhere!" Al Maatin says the highlight for him was "being personally introduced to the Ambassador and standing on the embassy's balcony." Most girls from the team had resigned to the sofa at this point, maybe heels were not such a good idea.JOANNA BARTLETT, 20 years

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