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Stephan Wiehler Redakteur Verlag Der Tagesspiegel Askanischer Platz Berlin / Kreuzberg

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Welcome: Dear Readers, and new Berliners

New in Berlin? You're not alone. In 2015, the German capital gained 47.990 new residents - that's the equivalent of an entire medium-sized city. And the newcomers' new ideas have made the city grow all the more. Welcome! Berlin is an open city with space for new people and their plans.

And that's why the city attracts people from all over the world and many are here to stay. For that reason, we have put together the first English edition of our magazine „New in Berlin & Potsdam.“

We want to make your transition as seamless as possible so that you feel at home here in no time. How does this city work? Where's the best place to live and what's being built? How do you make connections? Where are the best places to go out? What's the best school for your kids?

Those moving somewhere new need a little help finding their bearings. But because our Hauptstadt is always in a state of flux, it means that we are all new here in Berlin. There's something new to discover every day. While updating this magazine, even our editors and writers here at Tagesspiegel experienced exactly that.

So be prepared for a few surprises. It's an exciting city. And don't always trust the Berliners' complaints (they have a bit of a tendency to do that and lots of things are better that the citys' reputation suggests.) You will soon learn that this city is home to some excellent schools, top-class restaurants, endless leisure activities and a world-class cultural scene. And if you ever need a break, there's another pretty capital worth discovering just next door: Potsdam.

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