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Keri Trigg aus Wales ist Redakteurin der Paralympics Zeitung in Rio.

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Redakteure Paralympics Zeitung 2016: Experienced youngster

Keri Trigg from Newton in Wales already joined the Paralympic Post at the Games 2012 in London. Now she expects to see some familiar faces in Rio. A portrait.

A modest young woman, Keri Trigg (21) claims to have no talents. “Admittedly, I'm a good writer, but that's not really a talent, is it? Everybody is a good writer.” If writing is not a talent, it is definitely her passion. Originally from Newtown in Wales, Keri is in her final year at the University of Sheffield, where she studies journalism and is one of the university magazine's editors. Keri also writes for “Liberty Belle”, a fashion magazine, as entertainment editor. Apart from her journalistic commitments, Keri works as an assistant in the university shop.

Having two uncles and an aunt with an impairment, Keri grew up with people with an impairment in her environment. “I understood early on that they're different, but in the end we're all equal,” she explains.

In the group of young journalists who are going to report from the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next September, Keri stands out as the only one who isn't a big sports fan. However, the Paralympic movement always fascinated her, deeming it important to raise awareness for people with impairments. Her schoolteacher, knowing that Keri was interested in journalism, told her about the Paralympic Post, which was looking for young journalists to report from the London 2012 Paralympic Games at the time. Keri seized that opportunity, making her an “experienced youngster” in the current team.

The Games in London undoubtedly left a mark on Keri, where she covered wheelchair fencing, goalball and rowing. She particularly recalls having to drop everything to interview the British rowing team, after their unexpected gold medal win.

After the Games, Keri kept in touch with the Tagesspiegel journalists who accompanied the young reporters. Earlier this year she handed in an application to write for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Post, although she admits her previous experience probably helped.

Keri expects to see some familiar faces in Rio, especially in the British team, of which she covered numerous members during the London Games. Most of all, she wants to meet Jonnie Peacock, a British sprinter, whom she confesses to  fancy.

Although Keri expects Rio to be a wonderful host of the games, she believes it will be difficult to exceed those in London. One thing is clear to her though. “The weather will definitely be better,” she says, laughing.

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