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Andreas Melzer

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Andreas Melzer: Computer assistierte Chirurgie: ein Blick in die Zukunft

Dr. Andreas Melzer gibt auf dem Future Technologies Science Match einen Einblick in Computer assistierte Chirurgie.

Andreas Melzer *1960 qualified in Dentistry in Mainz 1989 and Medicine in 1993. He has 30 years experiences in the development of medical technology for laparo-endoscopic surgery, interventional radiology, interventional & intraoperative MRI and image guided robotics, surgical instrumentation, surgical robotics and Nitinol devices with more than 190 patents and over 400 publications. He is Professor at University Dundee, UK and Chongqing University, China and visiting Professor Harvard  Medical School, Sheba Medical Center (Tel Aviv), Children's National Medical Center (Washington DC). 

Dr. Andreas Melzer works at the University of Leipzig.

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