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HOW DID YOU DO?: Wie haben Sie abgeschnitten?

ANSWERS TELEPHONING 1. Unavailable for calls a-3; b-1; c-1; (throw a sickie = krankfeiern) d-3; e-3.



1. Unavailable for calls a-3; b-1; c-1; (throw a sickie = krankfeiern) d-3; e-3.

2. a) Hold the line, please.

b) May I ask what it's about?

c) Just a moment, I'll put you through.


3. Calling a meeting

a) cancel; b) reschedule; c) hold; d) bring it forward; e) postpone; f) do; g) pencil; h) confirm; i) suits.

4. Presenting facts and figures a) into; b) of; c) in; d) for; e) on; f) through; g) at; h) ups and downs; i) over; j) upwards.


5. Not all about work... a) trip; b) of; c) business; d) get; e) exactly; f) before; g) in; h) keeping; i) bit; j) out; k) spare time.

6. In the restaurant a-3; b-5; c-4; d-2;e-1.


7. Where exactly? a) at; b) in; c) on, at; d) at; e) on

8. Do or make? a) make; b) did; c) make; d) made; e) do; f) made. VOCABULARY

9. How often? a) twice a day; b) Usually; c) occasionally; d) frequently; e) hardly ever; f) seldom; g) usually.

10. Pay on time! a) settled; b) enclosed; c) ensure; d) ignore.


Give yourself one point for each correct answer. The maximum possible score is 65 points.

65-59 points: excellent! Your English is clearly at an advanced level. However, there is always room for improvement. Tips: Why not join a business English class or an advanced conversation group? For listening practice, try some of the English-language radio or television services, such as CNN or the BBC World Service. Reading the quality business press, for example The Wall Street Journal Europe, can help you further expand your vocabulary.

58-47 points
: very good! You are at an upper-intermediate level, but there are certain weaknesses. Check your answers to see in which areas you need more practice. Tips: If grammar is your weak area, get a grammar practice book, such as the Longman Advanced Learners' Grammar, and concentrate on one topic per week.

46-35 points

good! You are an intermediate-level learner. There are clearly gaps in your English. Tips: Sign up for an English course. Carry a notebook with you and write down any expressions you hear or read in English that you didn't know.

34-23 points
: OK! Your English is at a lower-intermediate to intermediate level. Tips: If English is important to you at work, sign up for a refresher course. An intensive holiday course in an English-speaking country would be even better. Get yourself a good monolingual learner's dictionary and read medium-level articles.

22-0 points: time to practise! But be methodical, and concentrate on what you really need. Tips: If you use English in your job, make a list of the tasks you have to do, for example telephoning or writing emails. Discuss with your boss whether you can do a course specifically aimed at these skills.

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