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Lucy Michaeloudis ist Redakteurin der Paralympic Post 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

© Thilo Rückeis

Redakteure Paralympics Zeitung 2016: A whole different experience

“It’s going to be amazing how the Brazilians will celebrate the Paralympics”, predicts Lucy Michaeloudis. She is going a second time. A portrait.

She is the embodiment of international and cultural relations: born and raised in London, parents from Greece, and now spending a semester abroad in France.

Lucy Michaeloudis is 20 years old and currently majoring in French Language and International Development at the University of Leeds. Her international background is mirrored in her wish to work as a journalist in the fields of writing and reporting on national stories, columns and development issues.

It is therefore no surprise that Lucy was picked as part of the team for the international issue Paralympic Post 2016 to report on the the events in Rio de Janeiro in the coming September for an international audience.

This is not the first time that Lucy had the opportunity to be part of this international team: During the Paralympics in London in 2012 Lucy gathered a lot of experience writing for the Paralympic Post from her hometown.

“I had such a great time,” she says, “I was 17, I feel like I’ve grown up now”

And now she is going a second time. She explains that this year will be a whole different experience, and the young journalists will discover a lot more and find new interesting stories. The diversity of the Paralympic Post and its editorial team is what makes this project so special. 

Not only her experience in this specific field but also her language skills qualify her to write professional journalistic articles about this vital event. Lucy speaks various languages, such as English, French, Spanish, and Greek. Moreover, sports have always been her interest. Fortunately, this time, her journey will take her to Rio where she can learn more about her passion Latin dance.

“I think it’s going to be amazing how the Brazilians will celebrate the Paralympics,” she predicts smiling. Nevertheless, she is also aware that the Paralympic Post project will need a lot of dedication and effort, but the outcome will be worth it.

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