Paralympics Tagebuch : Folge 10: A perfect day for snowboarding!

After 3-hours sleep I was the first to get up in our cozy house. Although I was tired I was looking forward to starting a day as it was the only one for parasnowboard competition.

Anna Lisina
George Simonds und Anna Lisina beim Snowboard-Wettbewerb.
George Simonds und Anna Lisina beim Snowboard-Wettbewerb.Foto: Bradley Neen

A lot of us wanted to watch it so we all set off for Rosa Khutor in a big group. "Guten Morgen!" I've heard and understood that we were at the final stop: and, as usual, I wasn't the only one to fell asleep during the way.
The weather in the mountains was wonderful: the sun was shining brightly in the sky, the mountain peaks were covered in white snow - very impressive. A perfect day for snowboarding! We met Annette and Thilo in the stadium and spent a lot of time with them. We were watching the tough competition together, talking about sport, athletes, our feelings about the games, taking photos and selfies and just having fun. I helped Annette to communicate with some Russian spectators, we took several interviews and got lots of emotions. Then I had a chance to ask Russian, American and Uzbekistanian athletes some questions about their competition and plans for the future and it was a great experience. I really enjoyed talking to Igor Ivanov, Aleksander Ilinov, Evgeniy Slepov and Christina Albert. Then another ski alpine competition started. However, after drinking tea in the Rosa Khutor Media Center I decided to go back home and write my article about parasnowboard.
On the way back I wasn't sleeping but taking photos of breathtaking views of mountain ranges and forests. What an unforgettable scenery! Now I have a whole collection of splendid photos from Rosa Khutor!
At home I felt my face was burning. It was absolutely red - yes, I've burnt my skin in the end of March in mountains during the winter Paralympic Games!
In the evening we went to the seaside to relax a little bit and enjoy the sounds of blue cold waves. Sitting dressed up in winter clothes near the real sea without any ice or snow and feeling warm seem strange but pleasant. I also had a unique chance to see some dolphins - a whole group of these cute animals was just near the shore! I was so happy as they are my favourites.
That evening I missed the Stopgap festival of inclusive dance in the winter theater in Sochi, unfortunately. Instead I had to finish my articles for the second issue of "Paralympic reporter". Some of us stayed in the Main Media Center for the whole night to get things done, some were sitting in the house with laptops and coffee, some decided to have a little break and were playing table tennis in the kitchen. All of us were exhausted as the day was really long and full of unforgettable emotions! On the one hand, now it feels really sad that the winter Paralympic Games in Sochi-2014 are about to end. But on the other hand all of us will be grad to be back home and finally sleep for more than 4 hours!

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